Hi! I’m Dani.

I’m a theologian, author, ministry leader and researcher with a focus on singleness, sexuality, theological anthropology, worldview formation & other related topics.

Other (possibly) important facts to know about me:

  • I’m from Sydney Australia

  • I’m a Rev’d Dr, but only tend to use either of those titles on formal documentation, or if their usage might put me in the running for an upgrade on a plane (No. It hasn’t happened yet).

    • The Rev’d part is because I’m a complementarian woman who is ordained as an Anglican deacon and licensed within the Anglican Diocese of Sydney (where I also serve as the Diocesan Research Officer)

    • The Dr part is because, in 2020, I completed a PhD in theology through St Mark’s National Theological Centre (Canberra)/Charles Sturt University.

  • I’m the author of The Meaning of Singleness: Retrieving an Eschatological Vision for the Contemporary Church. It was published with IVP in 2023

  • I am the founding director of the Single Minded Ministry.

    • Single Minded develops biblical, theological and pastoral resources exploring God’s purposes for singleness that equip Christians, encourage Christian communities, and shape Christian culture.

  • I’m an aunt three times over, a chai snob and have an absolutely unapologetic obsession with the musical Les Miserables.

  • I’m a theologian at large whose writing and ministry is only made possible by the generous financial support of others. If you’d like to partner with me financially, please click here.

  • I love Jesus, want to be more and more like him and can’t wait for the day that I get to stand before his throne, shoulder to shoulder with countless people from every tribe, nation and tongue. It’s gonna be awesome.

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Just a female theologian thinking deeper about (some) things that matter. Mainly singleness, marriage, sex and most importantly Jesus. All writing here is free. Always.


Resourcing the Church in singleness, sexuality, worldview formation & more. BA, BDiv, PhD. Director of singleminded.community. Find me at danielletreweek.com