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Some facts you just happened to 'forget to mention' about the Piper-Gudrem 'Danvers Statement': 1) There are only 6 women out of 37 people listed on the statement - out of 61, if you count the Board - that's less than 10%. Piper and Gudrem (two men) get top authors' billing. Not a lot of complementing each other there. 2) The list of signatories is a Who's Who of disgusting sleazy men who became infamous for sexism: including Paige Patterson, Pat Robertson, John Macarthur. 3) Gudrem's 83 rules for what women can/can't do is an absolute red flag for coercive control. Men like that are obsessed with the minute control of women, and will punish them for transgressing ('usurping'!), their power and patronising gender rules.

I could go on, but writing 3 blog posts and neglecting to share these facts with your audience points to a fundamental dishonesty, and of course a clear sexism. The Piper-Gudrem statement sparked a viciously misogynistic culture, which continues to this day (thanks Mark Driscoll! Josh Butler! Gospel Coalition! Please talk about your penis more!) The fact that you have not publicly divorced yourself and your theology from such nefarious, sexist men (see Piper's 'endure abuse for a day' and 'women can't give men directions'), not to mention the notoriously sexist 'Gospel Coalition' (known as The Guys' Club around the world) which spawned Mark Driscoll (women are 'penis homes') is clear evidence of sexism / misogyny. What is it about hierarchical complementarianism that (a) attracts the worst men; (b) elevates them to power; and (c) grooms women to put up with it?

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