This is both timely and wise. Thank you. I had to chuckle about your dread of being misrepresented - that fits me to a tee! What's a poor introvert to do?

I said this was timely...I am currently teaching a Sunday school class about how Christians must be wise in their use of technology. There are both adults and teens in attendance. This coming Sunday I was planning to discuss social media, and your thoughts here are exactly the sort of thing I want to communicate. Daniel Sih ("Spacemaker") has some great thoughts on this, too (e.g. Don't mindlessly scroll, be thoughtful and encouraging, etc)

I suppose my personality comes out trying to introduce humor and contribute shameless puns into the twitterverse But even there care must be taken not to "sing songs to the brokenhearted

Thanks again!

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I'm copying this quote down into my notebook:

"My intention in doing that will be because I want to explore that further with those who have chosen to follow me, rather than with the original author and their followers. However, whenever I do this, I need to do my best to avoid the thread becoming a “pile on” of the original author. The goal is dialogue and discussion aimed at building up. Never rallying the troops in order to tear down."

As a fellow would-be-Twitter-Twit who does on occasion get myself into a spot of trouble, I'm thankful that there are others out there who are working through the same issues!

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